Sewing Electrified Kits

Create a pair of gloves that work with your gadgets or a work of electronic art, simply by sewing!

Sewing Electrified kits include electrically conductive threads and fabrics, so no soldering or electronics skills are needed to complete these projects.

Touch Screen Glove Kits

Touch Screen Glove Kits:

Tired of freezing your fingers just to use your phone? Create a pair of gadget-friendly gloves in just a few minutes with this kit! With the included materials and just a few stitches, you'll be able to operate your iPhone, iPad, Android, or any other device with a capacitive touch screen while keeping your hands toasty warm.

Available in either a basic kit (you supply the gloves, great if you already have a pair you love or want to use cycling or other specialty gloves) or a premium version that includes stretchy gloves.

Ursa Minor - LED embroidery

LED Embroidery Kits:

Sew a lovely illuminated artwork for your wall. Using only simple stitches you can create an embroidered constellation complete with glowing LED stars.Kit includes all materials to complete the project, including embroidery hoop and battery - you supply only scissors, needle-nosed-pliers, and wire cutters.

Electronic Sewing Starter Kits:

The electronic sewing starter kit comes with all of the electronic and conductive components you'll need to create this adorable keychain flashlight and glowing flower bracelet, or use the materials and included instructions to add LEDs to your other projects.

Sewing Electrified kits are available online, or check the list of stockists for one near you.