Acrylic jewelry color options
Bobbin of conductive thread

eTextile Workshops and Tutorials

Learn about soft circuits and sewable electronics

necklaces landscaped

Jewelry and Accessories

Fun and attention getting, with a geeky twist.

Touch Screen Glove Kits
Midnight Garden - wagon with electroluminescent vines


Polymath Design Lab can help bring your custom project to life

eTextile show


Museums, galleries, and events

A Spirosketch necklace siting over a drawing made with spirosketch


Bracelet and Necklace set that is also a working drawing tool.

Sewing Electrified LED Embroidery kit - Ursa Minor

Sewing Electrified Kits

Create gadget-friendly gloves or a work of electronic art, by sewing alone!

Laser cut bowl modeled on a diatom skeleton

Home Decor

Surround yourself with beautiful science and math-inspired decor

Laser engraved necklace